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What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is an online trading community that makes money from trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As a member of Bitcoin Trader, you gain access to the powerful, profit-generating Bitcoin Trader Software. The Bitcoin Trader software is a fully automated system that makes trading crypto’s really easy and lucrative for people of all skills levels.

Bitcoin Trader was not founded by some Wall-Street stock broking genius or programming protégé, in fact, the team behind Bitcoin Trader are two college students, Jeff and Mike, that wanted to make some extra cash online, instead of getting some poor paying table serving job. The hype of cryptocurrencies caught their attention, especially the stories of people making millions and Jeff and Mike wanted a piece of the action.

Jeff and Mike set about trying to learn the ins and outs of crypto but they became frustrated with the learning curve, time and effort required just try to purchase a single Bitcoin, never mind trying to do analysis and actually trade for profit. Jeff and Mike realized, if they were having a tough time, then others were too, so they decide to round up some of their brightest friends to build a solution that would let anyone start trading cryptos with almost no knowledge at all in as little time as possible.

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The Birth of Bitcoin Trader Software

Jeff and Mike’s team included some of the brightest math, economics and computer science students they could find. The brief was simple; build a piece of software that with as few clicks as possible can trade on auto-pilot, with extreme accuracy and produce consistent profits.

In a matter of weeks, the beta version was ready…

Mike and Jeff wanted to be sure that even the most technologically challenged and newbie traders could use their new Bitcoin Trader system. They put together focus groups of fellow students to test the software. The first group were selected basedon having no knowledge or experience trading, and the second included students with trading knowledge and experience. The results were astounding, both groups achieved almost identical, successful results, proving that the system could make money for complete beginners.

The experienced group did, however,comeback with ideas for extra functionality, that Jeff and Mike took note of and got their dev team to include.

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Bitcoin Trading Signals

The experienced group of traders wanted the ability to trade manually if they preferred but wanted to see the trading signals to help guide their decisions. The trading signals module constantly scans the markets and analyses vast amounts of data very quickly to identify lucrative trading opportunities. The signals provide the user with the exact information they need to trade, including the asset name (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc), the exact time of when to open (buy) a position and most importantly, exactly when to close (sell) to maximize profits. The Bitcoin Trader Signals are extremely accurate and eliminate the need for time-consuming analysis.

Bitcoin Auto-Trader

The next request that the users wanted, was additional functionality for the automated trading. The Auto-Trader module lets users configure the system to trade on complete auto-pilot based on their preferences. The aim was to ensure a true “set and forget” scenario where a user can configure their preferences with a few clicks and let the Auto Trader take care of everything. For example,auser can configure the system to sell once a certain level of profit has been achieved. Jeff and Mike took all the feedback they received and turned Bitcoin Trader into one of the most comprehensive crypto auto-trading platforms ever.

Bitcoin Traders Success

Jeff and Mike achieved exactly what they set out to do and to date have made them selves and their college mates millions of dollars in profits. They were so satisfied with their achievement, they decided to play it forward by making Bitcoin Trader available for FREE to anyone interested.

If you’re serious about making money trading online then you simply have to try Bitcoin Trader today!